WWIV Networking for *NIX

This piece of software from Atani Software is compliant for usage on all networking software for WWIV BBS software. BBS stands for Bulletin Board System, sites on the web where retro games can be played, enjoyed, and kept alive. WWIV Networking for *NIX is being tested on the Linux operating system, but it should be able to work on any platform that is similar to UNIX. Atani Software has included the following features into this versatile piece of software:

  • - Full support for DEXXX.EXE files
  • - SMTP/POP3/Teinet transports
  • - Support for Compressed network packets (inbound)

As a tool for networking, it can complete these functions quickly and efficiently. No bugs have been reported. And for any compression needed for files, WWIV Networking is the go-to tool for all Zip files and DEXXX.EXE files. No compression will be lost. WWIV Networking for *NIX handles all Linux and UNIX-like administration needs.

Price: $25